© Jean-Marie Hullot
Beautés sauvages au lever du soleil @ Michel Hoffer
Bushman du Kalahari en embuscade © Jean-Marie Hullot
Je suis un hippopotame © Jean-Marie Hullot
Plages de rêve du Mozambique
© Jean-Marie Hullot
© Jean-Marie Hullot
Une faune parfaitement adaptée aux conditions désertiques, Namibie
Lodge fabuleux, Kenya
Souvenir du Botswana © Jean-Marie Hullot
© Jean-Marie Hullot
Léopard © Priscila Pfister

Majestic, impressive and with an abundance of unique wildlife, Africa's landscapes of epic beauty and exceptional fauna and flora tell long forgotten tales of a freedom which takes us back to our primal sources.
The most beautiful lodges and camps, ranging from the charmingly simple to the decadently luxurious can be found in the heart of some these pristine landscapes.