Travel in the company of those who really know their region.

Our team, responsible for putting together the itinerary for your unique excursion,  is made up of experts,  not only specialised in, but above all  passionate about their destination countries.  Our holiday creators regularly visit their specific regions to seek out and test on your behalf the best sights, itineraries and accommodation.   These reconnaissance trips are also invaluable to maintain relations with tried and tested guides ,as well as sourcing new ones and generally ensuring that the details of the excursions we offer are up to date and accurate.
Thanks to their specialised know-how our experts are perfectly placed to personalize your trip and tailor your excursion to suit your particular interests and  passions, while also enabling you to travel at your own rhythm.

Discovery is our passion. Our enthusiasm for seeking out the unusual is addictive and contagious – one consultation should be enough to convince you!

Exceptional Guides – who go beyond the norm…

We have established a world-wide network of outstanding guides both expatriate and local.  They have been selected for the originality and richness of their life-experiences combined with a particular aptitude and enthusiasm for passing on their passion and knowledge.   

Some work exclusively for Vanilla Tiger – a sign of the mutual trust and confidence which exists between us and our guides and a guarantee of quality for you.  For example in China we offer the chance to explore Pekin accompanied by a French antique dealer specializing in Oriental civilisation.

On a case by case basis we also work with other outstanding lecturers/guides in the context of accompanying small-group excursions.   These trips are of a cultural richness beyond compare.  For example in Namibia and Botswana we organise safaris animated by a famous naturalist and photographer.

By way of reference we are proud to point out that some of our former guides have gone on to become well-known authorities in their chosen areas for example Jean-Noel Robert (academic and recently-appointed Professor at College de France); Jerome Ducor (Head of Asiatic Department, Museum of Ethnography, Geneva);Terence Billeter (responsible for Asia and Oceania at the  Department at the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs) and Olivier Follmi – to name but a few

The best local-agents on the ground

In each and every one of our destinations we have carefully-chosen local agents on the ground, who share our distinct travel philosophy and our passion for discovery.  They are selected for their professionalism, the quality of their organisational skills and their developed sense of service.  All this combined of course with in-depth knowledge of their specialised region.

We have nurtured our working relationship with these exceptional individuals over a number of years and in this way they are well-versed in the particular demands and expectations of our clients.  They know their countries of operation in side out and are perfectly placed to give advice both what is not to be missed but also on those unusual sites slightly off the beaten-tourist track known only to those with true local knowledge.

High quality accommodation

Based on the beauty of their setting and the quality of their service we have selected the cream of the best available accommodation.

Our choice generally inclines towards lodges and small charming hotels which combine refinement and authenticity.   To spend a night in these places is in itself to journey to another world and a source of relaxation and inspiration.    For those clients with a taste for luxury we also have a selection of high end palaces and resorts.

It is important to us how these establishments are run and managed.  For example in Africa we pay attention to the implications of a particular lodge on its local environment and we tend to favour eco-lodges engaged in programs to assist in the re-introduction of endangered species in their local area.

The exceptional nature of our holidays and excursions stems with no doubt from our holistic and intricate ground roots knowledge.  

At every stage of your holiday creation project you will be benefit from passionate and enthralling experts whose primary aim is to share their passion with you.

Over the years we have established with our local contacts a relationship based on trust and friendship.  The benefit derived from this special relationship is perceptible in the quality of the holidays we create.