Le monastère de Taktshang à Paro © Pierre Jaccard
Spectateurs du tir à l'arc dans la vallée de Paro © Pierre Jaccard
Dans le dzong de Punakha © Augustine Jaccard
Répétition pour le festival du dzong de Punakha © Véronique Gourcy
Le village d'Ura © Jacques Perrier
Le lodge Amankora à Punakha © Pierre Jaccard
Au Memorial Chorten à Thimphu © Céline Beuchat

A tiny kingdom nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, majestic dzongs guardians of deep valleys and stunning peaks, monasteries and temples where a vibrant faith still expresses itself, a beautiful and untouched forested wilderness, wonderful people, unique ancient traditions, a harmonious and peaceful way of life… You are in Bhutan, a well kept secret waiting to be discovered!

Voyage générations: Dans les contreforts de l'Himalaya

15 jours - reporté à 2021
CHF 6'350.- par personne

Partez aux confins de l'Himalaya à la découverte de deux pays aux fortes traditions himalayennes, le Népal et le Bhoutan. Lors de ce voyage unique, vous parcourrez les plus belles vallées de ces deux pays, leurs forteresses majestueuses, leurs temples et monastères bouddhiques chargés d’histoire et leurs richesses naturelles préservées.

Discover the land of the Thunder Dragon

15 days
From CHF 6'300.- per person

From West to Center, and back from Center to West of the country, you will take the small Bhutanese roads to discover the sacred places, the variations of the nature and friendliness of the people that make this country so special a destination.

Royal Stay in Himalayas

14 days
From CHF 14'500.- per person

You are the privileged guests of Amankora lodges, which introduced you to the secrets of Bhutan in exceptional circumstances. You can discover ancient places and soak up the serenity that emanates from it, going step by step from West Center of the Bhutan.

Bhutanese Tour

23 days
From CHF 8'100.- per person

This tour invites you to travel through Bhutan from East to West in an attempt to capture all its facets. And you will discover a beautiful, unspoiled land, where the treasures are confidential, before joining the most popular areas of central and western Bhutan. A journey, sometimes uncomfortable, but intense and moving.

What about a trek ?

From 3 days
Extension of a trip

There are many opportunities for trekking in Bhutan. If all roads do not lead you to the majestic peaks of the Himalayas, they are above all the opportunity to discover other people who still live a modern life preserved and also a fauna and a flora almost intact.

Traveling to a festival

Several days, dances and rituals succeed to the sound of trumpets, drums, cymbals while reliving gods and demons of Buddhist mythology. Why not make your trip to coincide with one of the colorful festivals of Bhutan?