What about a trek ?

There are many opportunities for trekking in Bhutan. If all roads do not lead you to the majestic peaks of the Himalayas, they are above all the opportunity to discover other people who still live a modern life preserved and also a fauna and a flora almost intact.

From 3 days
Extension of a trip
  • This 6-day trek takes you to the villages of Merak and Sakteng among Bropka, "men pastures" wearing their little strange headgear. Medium difficulty, walking is done on easy paths and duration of each stage varies from 3 to 7 hours. The meeting of a minority single lifestyle, but also the discovery of the amazing botanical wealth of Bhutan.

    Fundamentally different from that populate the majority Drukpa Bhutan, Brokpa - around 4'000 people today - have their own language, their own way of dressing and their own legends.

    Brokpa means man pastures. On top of these brave semi-nomadic herders, a head covering unusual, the cham tsipee, a kind of beret yak hair rigged 5 small horns. These funny sharp points are intended to serve as gutters away from the face runoff from rain, abundant in this region. Legend has it that Garuda is the ancestor of Brokpas  and thus their behavior recalls the extraordinary plumage of the celestial bird.

    The two main villages of this region are Merak and Sakteng. Behind high fences, life escapes through small bits of stone courtyards: the comings and goings of a regular loom, the humming of a successful woman at work, the thud of the log falls from block after the fatal ax, the laughter of children with flushed cheeks ... a look at daily life of Brokpas.