© Jean-Marie Hullot
Beautés sauvages au lever du soleil @ Michel Hoffer
Bushman du Kalahari en embuscade © Jean-Marie Hullot
Je suis un hippopotame © Jean-Marie Hullot
Plages de rêve du Mozambique
© Jean-Marie Hullot
© Jean-Marie Hullot
Une faune parfaitement adaptée aux conditions désertiques, Namibie
Lodge fabuleux, Kenya
Souvenir du Botswana © Jean-Marie Hullot
© Jean-Marie Hullot
Léopard © Priscila Pfister

Majestic, impressive and with an abundance of unique wildlife, Africa's landscapes of epic beauty and exceptional fauna and flora tell long forgotten tales of a freedom which takes us back to our primal sources.
The most beautiful lodges and camps, ranging from the charmingly simple to the decadently luxurious can be found in the heart of some these pristine landscapes.

These circuits are examples to create a custom and bespoke travel.

South Africa, land of dramatic contrast, offers an extraordinary diversity in its natural  reserves, its cities and mountains, its rugged coastlines and wide savannas, its pristine beaches and ancient deserts. Spotting the Big-Five is practically guaranteed while on a guided safari in the private reserves bordering the Kruger Park. However, for the more independent traveller  who prefers to discover the treasures of a country on their own terms, South Africa's treasures are easily discovered by car.

Botswana, a true garden of Eden, offers one of the most unique safari experiences in the world. With the famous Okavango Delta, the Makgadikgadi salt pans, the wild reserves of the Kalahari and the Chobe National Park (home to the biggest population of elephants in the world), Botswana provides a uniquely emotional and intense experience.

If you are in search of a life changing experience off the beaten track which could leave no  person indifferent, then we suggest spending time with wild gorillas in their natural habitat. To guarantee this exceptional voyage, in an extremely inaccessible region, we enjoy a privileged collaboration with a partner who is highly reputed in Southern Africa for the quality of their service and their long term investment in eco-tourism.

Kenya boasts one of the largest concentrations of wild animals in the world. One of the most majestic spectacles that this country has to offer is the Great Migration in the Masai Mara where millions of animals provide a display of nature at its most dramatic.  
Tastefully conceived with a deep respect of nature, the Kenyan lodges are well known for the quality of their service and their remote locations which offer peace and tranquillity far from the hustle and bustle of commercial tourism.

Despite its proximity to Africa, Madagascar has a distinct Asian influence adding to its geographic, climatic, cultural and ethnic diversity. Madagascar's ecosystem boasts a huge variety of endemic fauna and flora much like other isolated islands such as the Galapagos on the Equator. 2000 years have passed since humans first came to this paradise from diverse origins such as Malaysia, Indonesia and East Africa. These diverse origins have fused to create an afro-asiatic civilisation which provides a fascinating example of social evolution.

For people who are passionate about Africa and are looking for a little known destination, Malawi has much to offer. The wildlife is untouched and authentic and offers intimate encounters with nature. For avid hikers a walk up Mount Mulanje offers an extraordinary view over Mozambique and Tanzania. Or for a more relaxed option, soak up the sun on the banks of Lake Malawi, one of the most beautiful lakes in Africa.

Mozambique is a true paradise, with white sand beaches, turquoise water and beautifully preserved islets, such as the Bazaruto and the Quirimbas archipelagos. This country offers a great extension to safaris both in South Africa and in Botswana. In addition to enjoying Mozambique's heavenly and pristine landscapes you could also be one of the first to discover a well kept secret: the rebirth of the famous Gorongosa National Park.

With the renowned Namib desert, gigantic red dunes, the famous Etosha National Park with its abundant wildlife, the seaside city of Swakopmund or the wild and remote territories of Kaokaland, Namibia encompasses hugely diverse and striking landscapes in one of the least populated countries in the world.

Known as 'The Pearl of Africa', Uganda offers first and foremost, extraordinary landscapes with lush mountains and extinct volcanic craters. This country is situated in the heart of the Great Lakes region of Africa home to the famous Lake Victoria which is largely situated in Southern Uganda. The mountain gorilla is of course the main attraction to this area and can alone be a reason to visit this magical land of emerald forests and misty mountains.

The volcanic formations of Rwanda host an incredibly rich fauna and flora. Added to this natural wealth, the mountains within the Volcano National Park are home to one of the last groups of wild gorillas, the same group made famous by the renowned primatologist Dian Fossey.

A jewel in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is a magical destination that is ideally combined with a safari in Kenya or Tanzania. This archipelago boasts some of the most beautiful beaches one could dream of and is also home to remarkable flora and fauna making the islands a natural splendour. 

Tanzania is home to an extraordinarily diverse amount of National Parks. The plains of the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and its unbelievable concentration of animals, the everlasting snows of the Kilimanjaro, without forgetting the beaches of Zanzibar. For people in search of a rare safari experience, Tanzania hosts national parks such as Selous or the small park of Mahale which are relatively untouched and that have been rarely visited.

In the heart of Africa, you will find a little known gem called Zambia. For many years this country has stayed under the radar of tourists even though it offers wild untouched regions of breathtaking beauty and phenomenal wildlife. South Luangwa has earned the reputation of being one of the best national parks in Southern Africa, it was also the first park ever to host walking safaris. The parks of Kafue and Lower Zambezi which can be explored by canoe are also well worth a visit.

Zimbabwe is a moving destination, home to world famous sites such as the Victoria Falls and the splendid Hwange National Park. It hosts a rich historical heritage and stunning untouched landscapes such as Lake Kariba and the Matobo Hills. Zimbabwe offers pristine places such as the remote Mana Pools where you can enjoy safaris on foot or canoeing.

L'Ethiopie a toujours éveillé dans l’esprit des Occidentaux un écho singulier où se mêlent images exotiques et fragments d’histoire biblique. Que vous souhaitiez découvrir les sites d'Axoum ou de Lalibela, le lac Tana et les sources du Nil bleu, ou alors les fascinantes communautés reculées peuplant la Vallée de l'Omo, nos guides francophones sauront vous faire apprécier cette remarquable mosaïque de peuples, ces paysages exceptionnels, et cette culture remontant au début de l'humanité.

Sao Tomé et Principe incarnent, comme aucune autre île de l’océan atlantique,  un véritable paradis tropical généralement associé au pacifique sud. Ce petit archipel posé sur l’équateur et méconnu du grand public, offre de superbes plages, des eaux cristallines et plusieurs formations rocheuses impressionnantes. Authenticité, aventure et farniente sont au rendez-vous !